Referral Earned:
0.00000000 ETH
Experience a new way of earning crypto by inviting your friends to join the LetGetMore community. Invite friends and earn crypto together!
For every new user successfully referred to LetGetMore via the Referral Link, the referrer will receive a commission on fees anytime the new referred user deposits success. You can also get a commission when your friends win prize LuckyBox.
The kickback rates for referred users registered through a referral link are set as per the Amount Deposit.
  • Amount Deposit from 0.01000000 ETH to 0.19999999 ETH ==> Rate 2%
  • Amount Deposit from 0.20000000 ETH to 0.99999999 ETH ==> Rate 3%
  • Amount Deposit from 1.00000000 ETH to X.00000000 ETH ==> Rate 5%
The kickback rates when referred users win prize LuckyBox are set as per the LuckyBox type.
  • LuckyBox 3 digit number ==> Rate 3%
  • LuckyBox 4 digit number ==> Rate 4%
  • LuckyBox 5 digit number ==> Rate 5%
  • LuckyBox 6 digit number ==> Rate 6%
* Data update time refers to UTC + 0 time zone. The data maintenance time is 3am - 5am (UTC+0) every day. During this period, the calculation of today's data is based on the assets of previous day. After maintenance, all data will be displayed properly