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Prizes will be Unchain (periodic), worth up to tons of cryptocurrencies.

The chance to become a Millionaire

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LuckyBox is a chest containing an amount of cryptocurrencies which is accumulated by other players when they buy Lucky Numbers.

The LuckyBoxes differ by the numerical unit of the Lucky Number. The longer the numerical unit of the Lucky Number, the higher the accumulated value of LuckyBox.

Find LuckyBox that is open to sell Lucky Numbers, choose to buy random numbers and wait for the time to let LuckyBox unchain. If your number matches the Unchain number, then you will receive the announced prize.

When the number of players accumulates enough and the Luckybox's opening time is up (Unchain), that LuckyBox will change to LOCK state. Then LGM System will create a Smart Contract and send the corresponding balance to that LuckyBox's Wallet Address, called the first transaction.
This action will generate a random and transparent Transaction Token. When the transaction is completed, the transaction code is the Winning Code. Whoever has the corresponding number wins the prize.

The prize will be divided equally among the winners.

Then Luckybox will be accumulated for the next Unchain.